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Who’s we?

We’re just a couple of church kids. Here’s some more info about us

What’s a church kid? Am I a church kid? 

The simplest definition of church kid is that they’re someone who comes from a Christian home and has grown up going to church. If you relate to some of the things below, you might be one too. 

Top 10 signs you’re a church kid
  1. You’ve gone to church most of your life
  2. You’ve had people come up to you and say “I remember when you were a baby!” 
  3. You’ve probably memorized nearly every song your church sings 
  4. You get real shaken up when there’s a new one 
  5. Your summer peaked during VBS and/or church camp
  6. You know what VBS stands for 
  7. You go to a Bible study and/or youth group
  8. Your friends are probably also at that Bible study and/or youth group
  9. You met your friends at that Bible study and/or youth group
  10. You’ve known some of those friends since Sunday school 

If you found yourself nodding to some or all of these things, you might be a church kid. 

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