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Hi! I’m Emily and I’m a church kid. I’ve gone to the same church my whole life, accepted Christ in middle school and now I’m striving be live more like Him. I’m a cat person, nature lover, and nerd fascinated by history and other languages. My favorite Bible verses is from Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. I hope this blog is encouraging and helpful to you!

Hi! My name is Eliana. I’m a homeschooled high school junior with a love for words. Besides when I’m writing, you can often catch me doodling or reading. I love Jesus first of all, and also the color purple, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and my ten younger siblings (most of the time). I regularly post on my blog, elianathewriter.com.

Hi there! I’m Fe Eugenie and I’m a young athlete. I like fruit smoothies, inspirational movies, green tennis courts and warm, sunny days. But the most important part about me is Jesus. He is the Unshaken. So grab some gatorade or a smoothie and let’s chat on how we can dream, work, and stand strong for His glory at theunshaken.blog.

S. G. Willoughby is an adventurer at heart, whether that means playing a fun new board game with her brother, sister, and parents, trying an exotic new food, venturing into Narnia, Hobbiton, or some other fictional world, wading through mud at the beach, or hiking up a mountain. She currently lives in the desert state of Arizona but has moved around a good bit in her 17 years of life, from Florida, to South Korea, to Washington state, and elsewhere. Most importantly, though, she loves Jesus. He is the King of her heart and life.