Why I Got Baptized

Hello! This post is written by my friend Eliana. We’re doing what’s called a “blog swap” where she’s writing for my blog and I’m writing for hers at Eliana the Writer. I asked Eliana to write about her experience getting baptized, here is her piece! The hymn came to an end. That’s my cue, I … Continue reading Why I Got Baptized

Your Guide to the Bible

Bible Sunday in our church is what we call the day when third graders, kids who have mastered reading, are called to the stage to receive their very own Bible. It is a sweet occasion, fidgeting kids and parents taking pictures to remember the day. After every third grader has been called, we pray for … Continue reading Your Guide to the Bible

Church 101

Different denominations of Christians have slightly different ideas and different practices, but one thing we have in common is church. Romans 12:5 says “So we are many persons. But in Christ we are one body. And each part of the body belongs to the other parts.” (NIV) Does that mean going to church makes you … Continue reading Church 101

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